Time passed and here we are

Just over five years ago, I published Still Life with Horses, and it was all great. Talking to readers, doing readings, sending the book out into the world. Good job, little book. Thank you, readers. Thank you Howling Bird Press.

Then, I got interested in comics, and spent some time learning about how to make, read, and teach comics/graphic texts. I still do that… teach, mostly. And draw, mostly for myself. And all that got me interested in image + text, in a lot of different ways. And in visual poetry. And poetry.

And then, someone lured me into doing administrative work (that was 2018), and then there was a pandemic (there still is a pandemic) and only now, 2022, have I come up for air and remembered: right. I have a website. And this thing that isn’t really a blog, but could be. So, here we are. And there you are. Thanks for coming back. There’s a lot of new stuff on this site. Enjoy. I hope.

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